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Meet the Experts - Aesthetics Consortium

Empire’s “Meet the Experts” series is a program that will introduce you to the most successful Physicians and other experts in the industry. Empire is working with industry renowned Plastic Surgeons and “Celebrity” physicians who have already reached a pinnacle of success in their practices and are willing to share their techniques with you!

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Empire Medical Training is proud to offer our “Meet the Experts- Aesthetics Consortium” series, created in direct response to YOU, our valued members. The program is a must for the serious Aesthetic practitioner and delivers the most comprehensive, most relevant training in the area of Facial Cosmetic injectables, taught by industry leading Plastic Surgeons and leading experts (Physicians) in Aesthetics!

The entire program, over 20 live workshops (and video modules for when you cannot attend) are complimentary for all members, our newest member benefit for 2020!

How can a doctor or nurse be good at what they do, but are not successful in their practices? Why do we see some practitioners struggle in their day to day routine, while others seem to breeze by with a plethora of success and wealth? You won’t find the answer in any book or power point, but instead within the success story itself. Empire’s “Meet the Experts” series is a program that will introduce you to the most successful Physicians and other experts in the industry. Empire is working with industry renowned Plastic Surgeons and “Celebrity” physicians who have already reached a pinnacle of success in their practices and are willing to share their techniques with you!

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Empire Medical Training is the first and only medical education company to provide this genre of training to its participants and members. We are breaking the rules with this program giving you a head start and saving you time, effort, and money in creating your ideal practice.

Why spend time on your own trying to learn what works and what doesn’t? How often have you heard the adage “learn from other peoples’ mistakes” or “do what others have already done successfully”. The Meet the Experts program is set up in just this manner, giving you the opportunity to learn from others who are already successful.

This is a program that Empire has been working on extensively, overcoming challenges such as finding the best Physicians and Consultants, or, finding those who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Previous physicians (no names) were open to teaching but only with restrictions to region, information, and topics shared. The common response or fear was that if they shared this information, then others may become more successful then themselves. Our belief is that is not giving 100%. Our trainers will not only share their secrets but also answer your questions and provide you with the specific tools that they used to help them reach their goals.

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The series is a fast-paced educational event conducted by industry leading Plastic Surgeons and other expert “Celebrity” status physicians.

Each month on a scheduled Saturday, immediately following our Complete Botox Training hands on course, practitioners will gather in an intimate classroom setting with our invited guest speaker who will lecture and perform live demonstrations on a chosen topic. Each month, Empire invites a different “celebrity” Plastic Surgeon, renowned in the Aesthetics community, to share their insights and pearls from their Aesthetics’ practice.

The topics are specialized areas within Aesthetics with a focus on the INJECTABLES- BTX-A and Dermal Fillers. Topics to help you master high demand procedures like Lip Augmentation, Combination therapies with Botox and Fillers, lean techniques to avoid complication with Facial Injectables, and much more. Over 20 specialized techniques and topics that will help you gain a high level of expertise in your practice.

In addition, the entire series will be available through our ON-DEMAND VIDEO SERIES in case you can’t attend an event.

Our Meet the Experts programs are exclusive to Members (Empire-Platinum-Member©, and Empire-Diamond-Member©) at no charge, and are offered every month throughout the Nation. These events are fun and informative; network with your physician colleagues and our Celebrity Trainers while learning valuable new information for your Aesthetics Practice.

At the conclusion of the event, practitioners will receive a certificate listing the area of specialized, advanced training received.

("Celebrity" Physician Trainers)

  • From Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Greggory Buford, MD, learn his specific techniques on how to augment lips safely and effectively. Gain insight on how to choose the proper product and how to use each product understanding their nuances and mechanism of action.  Dr. Buford will perform live demonstration while teaching you how he uses each product for the various filler modalities.
  • Dr. Buford will also detail the correct and most effective way to perform the infra orbital nerve block. In many cases, we see Physicians not learning this simple technique and instead rely on topical treatments that lead to additional discomfort for patients.
  • It seems nowadays every practitioner wants to jump on the wagon and offer cosmetic procedures. How do we differentiate ourselves in this dynamic field? The good news is that Botox treatments are still the highest search term on the internet and is a field of medicine that is relatively simple to learn and develop a high degree of expertise.
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself by becoming that expert practitioner, offering complicated procedures on top off what you are doing now. After a short while, you will see this investment has paid off and more patients will begin trusting you on realities and will refer more and more.
  • Be careful how you learn to augment lips because there are varying methods and techniques that are being taught by non-experts in the field. In this series, we start by teaching you the basics after which we share pearls on many advanced techniques and strategies you can use in your cosmetic practice!  In this program, like many others, the instructor is an outstanding leader in the Aesthetic community. He will ensure you learn the very nature of performing a complete aesthetic consultation prior to beginning with any cosmetic technique.
  • Learn all the various lip injection techniques you will need to correct patient requests for the lips of their choice.
  • One of the most important programs in the entire lecture series regarding cosmetic injectables. Your instructor, a triple board-certified Plastic Surgeon, gives you a through outline detailing every scenario that needs to be avoided and understood prior to inserting the needle beneath the skin or injecting filler product. Participants will leave the course with a much greater understanding of facial anatomy and on avoiding and treating complications should they occur. The physician instructor details what is needed in your “crash cart”
  • Complete training on advanced techniques in the lips and surrounding the Perioral area. Learn not only the basic every day techniques, but also procedures that will be required in your practice. Combination therapies in Aesthetics is becoming the mainstay of treatments and, you will learn how to perform many common techniques that have better outcomes when used in combination with other modalities.
  • An area of the face that is somewhat challenging because of danger zones but is an area where practitioners can develop the most dramatic outcomes.  Our physician expert will review and showcase the various options for treatments to correct a number of patient upper face indications.
  • MicroBotox, Fillers using Microcannulas, PRFM, and PDO Threads are explained for such indications as deep glabellar lines, lateral forehead lines, and additional eyebrow lifting and shaping options using injectables.
  • Symmetry and Facial Balance is associated with beauty and patients will be ecstatic over the results you will deliver and which helps make you different from other practitioners. Learn from renowned expert Physicians how to create outstanding outcomes for your patients and develop an “Aesthetic Eye” for beauty. Understand how facial anatomy indications relates to the aging process and how asymmetries develop thst can be treated using various aesthetic modalities.
  • We know how effective Botox and Filler can be when dealing with areas of the face, but we must also gain a level of expertise with PDO threads and other modalities in order to offer competitive services in our practices. Your “Meet the Expert” physician will review all of the cosmetic injectable packages being offered in aesthetic practices as well as valuable information about structuring these enhanced procedures.
  • Facial Cosmetic injectables have so many uses and implications throughout the face, but how many treatment modalities are you using in your practice for Off Face Techniques? Probably zero to none. We anticipate that after you listen and participate in this lecture series given by Dr. TJ TSAY who is a world-renowned Aesthetic Physician practicing in California and using many Off Face Techniques, you too will begin offering this high demand procedures and techniques for your patients.
  • What structure of the face is most often used to identify a patients age? Well, based on the title you are correct to choose the eyes. Gravity as well as the effects of dynamic movements of the eyelid, we see rhytids and sunken hollows in this area. The good news is that with careful technique, the eyelids respond very favorably to injectables.
  • Learn from our Expert Instructors who will share their injection techniques and “pearls” associated with this specialty injection and acquire the knowledge to create youthful eyes and a refreshed appearance for patients.
  • As the title of the course says, these are the most important pearls that can be shared by our Physician staff. These topics cover product selection as well as technique and methodologies relating to cosmetic injectables and is presented by our prestigious “celebrity” physicians who will guide you through the top (10) ways to insure consistent and the very best results.   including patient experience
  • Microcannula use for Dermal Filler injections has become the mainstay of treatment among Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Practitioners. Finally, you will learn the many details surrounding this somewhat controversial topic. What size cannula? When to use and on what techniques? There are many questions that need to be answered before you begin offering these services.
  • Microcannulas is the safest and most effective way to deliver dermal fillers and other facial augmentation procedures (i.e. fat grafting) to highly vascular facial areas.  Tear Trough, Temple Areas, and Lips are only a few of the facial areas that microcannulas are used.  Hands and other body part areas are also perfect uses of these effective forms of delivery.  Learn the secrets of using Microcannulas from our expert physicians who utilize these techniques on a daily basis.
  • How little we learn in medical school when it comes to business and marketing. We hear this all the time, but now we have a solution that will help al of. Here our instructors share concrete methods to grow a practice that focusing on the injectables. Learn from renowned business and marketing GURU, Greggory Buford, MD who has published the book, “Beauty and the Beast” and is available on amazon.
  • Learn the business of Aesthetics from A to Z, starting from internal branding and marketing to your current patient base to starting out Fresh in the community with nothing more than your name and a website. Learn from fellow colleagues who have become successful due to their “real life” experiences as an aesthetic provider and practice owner.  Understand the most effective, most common methods of marketing your practice through paid searched such as with Google and Bing and well as paid Social Media through Facebook and Instagram. Understand how Google controls the search algorithms and how you can keep your website on top of the searches
  • There are a number of metrics that Google tracks and analyzes concerning your business, learn the different strategies for internal linking, anchor text, and in creating additional channels of patient acquisition through internet tools such as social media, You-Tube, and PPC Campaigns.
  • Learn how the next generation of aesthetic patients will get their information and utilize social media to create branding and acquire new patients.  The increase in social media allows for additional channels for patients to find you and can define and differentiate your practice from others today.
  • Social Media and SEO is one of the biggest challenges facing an Aesthetic Practice, take this opportunity to learn the latest best practices to increase your visibility to others and increase revenue streams from various digital marketing activities.
  • Learn from our nationally renowned Plastic Surgeons the role that newer technologies such as Micro-Fat Injections have in an expanding Aesthetic Practice.  Newer technologies allow for a minimally invasive procedure to harvest fat manually (MAL) and to micronize fat into an injectable form that can be administered with a 27g needle or cannula.
  • Understand what aging indications are best suited using this natural filler, patient and physician expectations with the procedure as well as the potential revenue associated with expanding your injectable services.
  • PDOgro™ is a proprietary non-surgical treatment that requires no recovery time, no post-care or other restrictions so patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedures.  This proprietary process is only being presented as part of the Meet the Experts – Aesthetic Consortium series will entail inserting PDO Threads into the scalp in thinning hair areas to stimulate hair regrowth by rejuvenating the scalp and distressed hair follicles.
  • This evidence-based, Medical Science program has been developed and will be taught by Dr. Bauman personally and will prepare the physician to offer this revolutionary approach to hair restoration therapies customized for male and female patients.
  • The next generation of neurotoxins and fillers are closer than you think.  Long-acting neuromodulator RT002, along with its unique proprietary peptide and formulation technology is already in FDA Stage III clinical trials.  The new formulation will extend the efficacy of Botulinum Toxin-A to (6) months between treatments.  Newer cross-linking technologies is already available in a number of dermal filler products and newer products utilizing polymer technologies are already available in Europe.
  • In addition to a review of products on the horizon we will discuss present neurotoxin and dermal filler products available and choosing the right filler for facial area indications.  Our “Meet the Expert” Physicians will discuss their preferences for treatment and what patients are asking for – you might be surprised by what they have to say.
  • Microneedling is easily performed but many times is misunderstood concerning the array of aesthetic services that improve results by combining dermal rollers and microneedling with other popular procedures. Microneedling is used as a delivery system of topicals and biologics but can be used therapeutically for rhytids, scars, and collagen stimulation.
  • Learn new combination therapies, new technologies (RF Microneedling), and a listing of all of the services and patient conditions that Microneedling will achieve superior results to your present aesthetic services.
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*All courses are conducted by Physicians and other Specialists in Aesthetics, Pain, Surgery, and Medicine. Not by less qualified Instructors

Course Destinations: New York-NY, Las Vegas-Nevada, Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-Illinois, Nashville-Tennessee, Philadelphia - PA, Riverside-California, New Orleans-Louisiana, Detroit-Michigan, Austin-Texas, Charlotte-North Carolina, Orlando-Florida, Dallas-Texas, Los Angeles-California, Tampa-FL, Fort Lauderdale-FL, Houston-Texas, Naples-FL, Raleigh-North Carolina, San Diego-CA, Charleston-South Carolina, Boston-Massachusetts.

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